2022 China Textile Material Exhibition

                                            Textile Material Exhibition,Keqiao Shaoxing

                                            2022 China Textile Material Exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 20, 000㎡, and four exhibition areas, including main image area, large-scale special decoration area, small-scale special decoration area and standard booth area, has more than 200, 000 exhibits and is expected to attract more than 40, 000 passengers flow. Relying on the resource advantages of Keqiao Textile distribution center, it will build a domestic advanced platform for textile raw materials exchanging and trading. In addition, there will be related supporting activities during the exhibition.

                                            Guidance(s): China Filament Weaving Association; Exhibition Industry Development Center in Keqiao, Shaoxing

                                            Host Organizer(s): Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition&Convention Holdings Co., Ltd

                                            Organizer(s): Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition&Convention Holdings Co., Ltd

                                            EXHIBIT STAND

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                                            Textile and clothing weekly media booth Shaoxing Huaqi Textile Trade Co., L... Gucheng Rongda Weaving Co., Ltd Shaoxing Jiuyi Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Huida textile and Garment C... Shaoxing Oulei Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Huiming Jacquard Weaving C... Shaoxing Hongyue Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Haoxin Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Sanchuan Textile Technology... Shaoxing Keqiao Miran Textile Co., ... Zhejiang Zhongduo Textile Technology... Shaoxing influence import and Export C... Shaoxing Daxi Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing suihan Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Yuying Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Xinmen Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kewang Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Bibang Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing ruicai Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing YingTing Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang SHANGZHENG Textile ... Zhejiang primary color digital technolo... Zhejiang Jima Liangsi New Material ... Shaoxing Keqiao angjia Textile Co., ... Yuzhefang (Shaoxing) Textile Technol... Shaoxing dongque Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Zerui numerical control print... Shaoxing Shaosheng Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Kaixin Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Danyang Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing hengniu Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Shaoqing Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Jiahong Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Qianxiang Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang Lingdi Digital Technology C... Shaoxing Changjie Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Yongxuan Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Daying Textile Co., Ltd Zhejiang dachangde printing and dyeing ... Shaoxing Keqiao Aini Textile Co., L... Shaoxing Fanqi Textile Co., Ltd ZHEJIANG WANJIE TEXTI... Shaoxing Yishu Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Aimu Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Xingcan Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Yihang Textile Co., Ltd Hangzhou Yancheng Knitting Co., Ltd Shaoxing Yunshun Textile Co., Ltd Shaoxing Luran Textile Co., Ltd

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